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Good afternoon, dear Guss,

Finally my machines came to me and I'm ready to place an order. Today I have 3 machines for computerization.
1. SINGER 2200 Memomatic with pegs.

2. Machine SINGER 2340 with scanner

3. Machine model 624.

The first two machines  will need to be computed from scratch.
But the model 624 has already tried to connect to a computer.
But the 624 model has already tried to connect to the computer through the program that the previous owner bought. This is option A. But the board burned out and therefore nothing happened. Maybe you can also help me with this machine?
Is it possible to send only a board, because I already have a cable.

Anyway, I need boards and cables SuperbaKnit-B for machines number 1 and number 2. One set for each machine

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
Воскресенье, 1 ноября 2020, 15:00 +05:00 от Gus van der burgt <ibbab@...>:

Hello Lina,

This is a Light Scanner type. You will need SuperbaKnit-B.      -->

Price Euro 299 + shipping Euro 32  =  Euro 331,00    Shipping by registered mail.

SuperbaKnit has included a program for interactive knitting of patterns. But it can also be used with DesignaKnit.

I will send you the installation manuals for the B-type interface hardware via MailBigFile, so you can see what needs to be done before ordering.

Order:  just send e-mail with full delivery address.  Payment in advance by Credit Card or Paypal.  (Paypal +3% extra_)

gr  Gus


Op 1-11-2020 om 02:33 schreef lina balakareva:

You can find the picture in jepg in attachment,
Best regards,

Отправлено из для Android

суббота, 31 октября 2020г., 15:13 +05:00 от Gus van der burgt ibbab@...:

Hello Lina,

The info block picture is not visible in your e-mail. Pleasesend it in different format (jpeg or so) or give me the type number of your Singer machine.

Most Singer machines can be upgraded.  Detailed machine overview:

gr  IBB  Gus

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Good afternoon!
I have a Singer Superba knitting machine. I really want to make it electronic.
To communicate with the program DK8
Please inform me about the cost of the software.
Best regards, Lina
My knitting machine has the same info block
С уважением,
С уважением,
С уважением,
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