SuperbaKnit and DesignaKnit

Jos Timmermans

You can use SuperbaKnit with DesignaKnit 8 or higher as follows:
- In Interactive Knitting go to Options, Knitting Machine.
- Select SK840, 550,...
- Press Setup
- Press Copy Machine
- Press OK, the copied knitting machine is selected
- Press Setup
- Press Advanced
- Type in Manufacturer/Model Superba Memo II or any text that represents the machine
- Set Maximum stitches to 180
- Press OK
- Set Cable link to Silverlink 4
- Optional: Find link so next time the port is preconfigured.
- Press OK
To use SuperbaKnit with DesignaKnit 7.20 or higher, you have to use the entry for SK840, 550 ...